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A fantastic debut novel. Highly recommended. When Lexi discovers an abandoned asylum in the local forest, little does she realise the sequence of events that are about to unfold. Author: Sophy Henn Publisher: Bloomsbury. Little ones will love following the story of Ted's night-time routine - from splashing in the bath with penguins to having some milk with a tiger - in this colourful board book with flaps.

This funny illustrated chapter book incorporates fascinating facts about these invaluable insects. This is a heart-warming and satisfying tale that is certain to provide comfort to young children. This bedtime book with a difference will appeal to digger-mad little ones as it follows the busy vehicles working on a motorway - at least, that is, until night falls and they can get some much-needed rest. Your child will love the peek-a-boo game.

Read together and lift the giant flaps to reveal noisy toy vehicles. Giggles and smiles are guaranteed! A family of dogs are setting off for the seaside in their car. Along the way they are joined by a menagerie of their friends. A wonderfully funny and engaging book, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl.

M G Leonard manages to subtly pack a swarm of scientific information into the adventure story.

The Ultimate List of YA Movie Adaptations From YA Books | Book Riot

Fans of Beetle Boy will be thrilled at these further antics, and those who secretly loved the dastardly Lucretia will enjoy seeing her steal the limelight. Author: Jean Jullien Publisher: Phaidon. A brilliant conversation book for even the tiniest toddlers. Jullien's illustrations are always a breath of fresh air, with an inviting bold style that is playful and stylish.

Author: Britta Teckentrup Publisher: Prestel. Asleep and dreaming, the little girl in this book floats through a shadowy and beautiful blue-black world with her friend, a watchful lion, at her side. Britta Teckentrup is a gifted illustrator-writer, and this is a wonderful, poetic and stylish book about sleep. Ambrosio's award-winning first novel highlights the complexity and far-reaching implications of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in Jerusalem.

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Billy is angry with the whole world and with himself. But when it looks like his younger brother and sister may be taken from him, what is left of his world begins to fall apart. Leah Cartwright is very old. She has no visitors, until one day, year-old Carly comes to interview Leah for her social history project. Adele is determined to play football for England no matter what, but life keeps on getting in the way. A spellbinding school adventure featuring an endearing witch-in-disguise and magical rabbits! The touching story - of the unbreakable bond between a child and his dog - still possesses a certain charm.

The tension and sense of dread build rapidly in this brilliantly constructed horror thriller. Benjamin Bounce keeps bouncing into things and needs spectacles A lovely picture book about friends making each other feel super! Chas and his troubled mates flirt with danger, girls and law-breaking, in this humorous, gritty story that becomes an irresistible farce-come-thriller. Despite the sunshine, life is not always straightforward for Betsey Biggalow - though she always manages to have lots of adventures and plenty of fun. Author: Steve Antony Publisher: Oxford.

Betty, the baby gorilla, is a delightfully wilful and impulsive character and her reluctance to surrender to sleep will strike a very familiar chord with many young children and their carers. Author: Ruta Sepetys Publisher: Puffin. Set in , Between Shades of Grey is an extraordinary and haunting story based on first-hand family accounts and memories from survivors.

This is one of the most original YA books in a long time.

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It is gripping and exceptionally well-written with fantastic characters and an exciting plot. One of the best of Marianne and her mother live an insular life in 19th century Grimsby.

The latest in a series of illustrated short novels aimed at younger readers. Easily read and funny, it nevertheless addresses some deep questions with which its audience will identify. Jack is in hospital after braking his leg by riding his bike into a stationary car whilst escaping from a supermarket accident.

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He had knocked over a display of tinned toma…. Author: Lauren Child Publisher: Hachette. Lauren Child has created a truly original and hilarious story, and her lively and unique collage-style illustrations are a joy. Ideal for reassuring children who are scared of the dark. Author: Lauren Wolk Publisher: Corgi. A wonderful tale of trying to find your place within the world, Beyond The Bright Sea transports the reader to a luminous island of sea, wind and driftwood, set apart from the busy world. But might there be another way for Piggy to be himself? Beginning with the question, 'So you want to go into space?

Twelve brand new stories from the cream of Irish writers and illustrators who jostle for space in this collection of inspirational writing. Bun has run away from home and been accepted into the fearsome Hell Bunnies, renowned for their bad behaviour. Matthew wants to write about his older brother Ben who has Down syndrome for a school project on individuals who the students admire. After an earlier adventure with a Big Red Bath, Jarman and Reynolds send Ben and Bella on another imaginary adventure - a train journey to the seaside for a party.

Author: Laura Dockrill Publisher: Hotkey. This book will make readers think about body image in a whole new way, and about the importance of self-respect.

Darren and The Golden Rule Lovely Pictures Book for Children

Author: Kali Stileman Publisher: Doubleday. A vivid, humorous, modern and highly satisfying collection of nursery songs and rhymes with bold and funny illustrations. In this sequel to the acclaimed, Small Change for Stuart , Stuart and his friend April must solve magical puzzles to discover the whereabouts of his uncle's missing Will. Everything about this book is excellent. The story is fast-paced, extremely well written and is packed with unrelenting action. This beautiful reimagining of the Christian creation myth places Big Momma as Creator: a rounded, plain speaking woman with a baby, whose warm Big Momma voice speaks the universe into being.

A truly amazing book to share. This hilarious take on American school life is sure to make readers laugh, cringe and turn the next page. Based on a comic strip by Lincoln Peirce, the inspiration behind Jeff Kinney, this is sure to appeal to any fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Bubbles fly all over the place! A cautionary tale, humorously told and beautifully illustrated, with plenty of scope for noisy participation from young readers.

A tragedy brings Lemonade Liberty Witt to her grandpa's place from San Francisco, but she's determined she won't be staying long. A funny, touching and thought-provoking adventure story examining loss, grief, self-discovery and acceptance. A clever concept, imaginatively shown in bright and chunky illustrations with minimal text. This could inspire some creative play at home, and it's lovely to see a little girl shown in a construction role.

This quirky tale, with distinctive, vibrant illustrations, is delightful. Amusing and uplifting, it explores the joy of friendship and demonstrates that sharing adventures can double the fun. One night, just before Bilal's latest test at school, Bumble the brilliant bee appears.

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He can answer any question at all! Typical of Michael Rosen, this book is funny, sly and gloriously accompanied by Tony Ross' bold illustrations. Author: Nadia Shireen Publisher: Puffin. An empowering story, full of humour and humanity. Billy and her sidekick, the amusingly monobrowed Fatcat, are at a fancy dress party when a very large REAL dragon swoops down from nowhere and grabs Fatcat!

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An entertaining adventure about monsters who turn out to be much less scary than they sound. Overflowing with funny illustrations, this story will reassure anyone nervous at night-time! Meet Billy Bonkers and discover how an average day with the Bonkers family always seems to turn into something extraordinary.