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  1. Achievements in science gave him a platform to address the world
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He continues to be featured in the altered timeline in Red Alert and Red Alert 2 developing time travel technology for use by the Allies, and his fictional murder at the hands of the Soviets, also involving a time machine, is a central plot point of Red Alert 3. In Mega Man , released in , Dr. Wily's design is inspired by Albert Einstein, and was initially conceived to appear as a tall, thin scientist with a mustache, glasses, balding hair, and lab coat.

In Half-Life , one of the scientist models is based on Einstein's appearance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Achievements in science gave him a platform to address the world

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March Albert Einstein. Book Category.

Categories : Cultural depictions of Albert Einstein. Hidden categories: CS1 Japanese-language sources ja All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February The book describes God as the natural order, with humans being the "modes" of God.

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Everything that happens, per Spinoza's thinking, follows from the nature of God. This "pantheism" of Spinoza was part of Einstein's own spiritual view of the world, as he told to Rabbi Herbert S. By his own admission, this book by an 18th-century Scottish philosopher, that looked to understand the link between science and human nature, had a big influence on Einstein. Hume's accomplishment of articulating a scientifically moral philosophy appealed to the physicist as did the book's call to move from metaphysical speculation towards facts you can observe.

There was also an important caveat to this, according to Hume, that observation alone cannot grasp the laws of nature. This implication had a profound impact on the development of Einstein's counter-intuitive ideas.

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Albert Einstein in popular culture

Perhaps the most sizable part of Einstein's large collection of books belonged to the German author Johann von Goethe. The physicist owned the collected works of the author in a volume edition, along with an additional 12 volumes as well as 2 volumes of the "Optics" including a letter exchange between Goethe and Schiller , and another volume of "Faust".

Einstein kept a bust of Goethe and was known to quote the writer to his German-speaking assistants. In a letter to Leopold Casper, Einstein wrote that he admired Goethe as "a poet without peer, and as one of the smartest and wisest men of all time.

Culture, Danube and Einstein Connect Novi Sad and Ulm

If you're looking for more great books enjoyed by the world-changing scientist, it is known that he also loved "The Brother Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and "Isis Unveiled" — a mystical tract by the theosophist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business. Preview an Edge video. Videos Space is dead: A challenge to the standard model of quantum mechanics. Some books had a profound influence on Einstein's thinking and theories. Einstein had a large library and was a voracious reader. The famous physicist admitted that some books influenced his thinking.

The books he preferred were mostly philosophical and scientific in nature. Here are his 5 favorite books and writers, as we know it. People who constantly complain are harmful to your health. A new study says it's okay to eat red meat.

7 Most Memorable Albert Einstein Moments in Pop Culture

An immediate uproar follows. Surprising Science. What internet searches reveal about human sexuality. Physicist advances a radical theory of gravity. A lack of sleep makes your brain eat itself, new research suggests. Three scientist friends, working separately, share the prestigious prize.