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  3. Sean “X-PAC” Waltman Suggests RAW UNSCRIPTED For Boosting WWE Viewership

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Director Of Development, Unscripted

He then forced himself to stand and got back in the match, albeit woozily. Michaels lasted in the ring that evening for over 30 minutes, despite having what looked like a bloody, broken nose. In , Alex Riley was a new face on the main roster. He was getting a ton of exposure as The Miz's lackey.

He had the look and the build to make it big. What better way to increase that hype than getting accidentally eliminated from your first Royal Rumble match? Riley was being pummeled in the corner by both John Cena and Kofi Kingston. This is a typical "rest spot" in a long match, but instead of hanging on for dear life, Riley tumbled over over the top rope and hit the floor. Riley was supposed to eliminate Cena much later in the match. And for the next several minutes, you can see the referees scrambling outside the ring to relay messages and talk Cena through Plan B.

It's funny how fate works. What could Riley have been, had he been the one to eliminate Cena? We'll never know for sure. Austin hated the gimmick.

Sean “X-PAC” Waltman Suggests RAW UNSCRIPTED For Boosting WWE Viewership

But still, he was slated for great things, and he was given an amazing opportunity in his debut Rumble: He was booked to last all the way to the final four participants. Unfortunately, he was fighting Fatu Rikishi , who was slick with baby oil. The rope squirted out of Austin hands, and he found himself outside the ring. The elimination happened in the background, where almost nobody noticed it. It's only in the last several years fans have learned that this was no accident.

This is what happens when your opponent pushes you a little too hard, and you jump a little too high without hanging on to the top rope. Taka Michinoku was one half of Japanese tag team Kaientai; their gimmick was to walk to the ring speaking badly dubbed English courtesy of Bruce Prichard.

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They had a fairly unremarkable run, and since they were smaller than a lot of their opponents, they were booked in lots of matches against monsters, so that they could bump hard and put them over. This, however, went above and beyond what was expected. Taka reportedly suffered a concussion and a separated shoulder from the incident. Entertainment Careers. Posted: September 16, more jobs like this More from this Employer.

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    10 UNSCRIPTED Moments WWE Wants ERASED From History

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